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The archaeological site of Sagalassos is located in South-West Turkey, near the present town of Ağlasun (Burdur province), roughly 110 km to the north of Antalya (ancient Attalia). Sagalassos is set in the western part of the Taurus mountain range which is bordered to the north by the high Anatolian plateau, while to the south it touches the Mediterranean. In ancient times, this region was known as Pisidia. The town, which is laid out on south-facing terraces at altitudes between 1450 and 1600 m, is crowned by a steep, and today barren, limestone range of about 1800 m high, extending in the east to the peaks of the formidable Akdağ (2271 m). The transition between a layer of limestone on top of less permeable ophiolitic and flyish deposits at this place resulted in advantageous hydrological conditions in which several permanent springs are situated. The inland position and mountainous character of Pisidia make the Oro-Mediterranean climatic regime more pronounced in this region, where summers are short, hot and mainly dry and winters colder and wetter than those in the coastal regions.