Getting to Ağlasun

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For information on getting to Sagalassos, click here.

By Public Transit

Ağlasun is “off the beaten path” but easy to get to by public transportation. The Ağlasun Minibus Cooperative runs regular buses from Isparta (15 per day) and Burdur (10 per day). For a current schedule check out the cooperative's website. The Yeşil Ağlasun Minibus Cooperative also operates three buses a day from the Antalya Otogar.

Finding the Ağlasun Buses is easy – they all say AĞLASUN in big letters on the front and sides (and usually SAGALASSOS in smaller letters too!). If you don’t see one, just ask – people are friendly and will make sure you get where you’re going, even if you don’t speak a word of Turkish.

From Antalya and the Mediterranean Coast

The Yeşil Ağlasun Minibus Cooperative runs buses from the Antalya Otogar (central bus station) directly to Ağlasun. The trip takes about 90 minutes. Note that these buses leave from a small building downhill from the post offices, a different place than the Burdur and Isparta lines.

Antalya to Ağlasun: 11:00, 17:00, and 19:30.

Ağlasun to Antalya: 8:00, 10:00, and 17:30.

From the Aegean, Pamukkale, or the Lake District (Eğirdir)

If you’re coming to Sagalassos from the north or west, you’ll have to take a bus to Burdur or Isparta and transfer to the minibuses that serve Ağlasun. Long distance buses regularly service both cities from most places in Turkey.

More buses serve Isparta, which is a bigger city. However, mini-buses for Ağlasun do not leave from the intercity bus terminal. They depart instead from a separate “Köy Garajı” ("Village Terminal"; see map below). There are regular service buses ("Servis" in Turkish) that go to the Köy Garajı, or you can take a taxi. Buses leave at least once an hour to Aglasun between 7:30 and 18:45, with one late bus at 23:15. For the full schedule, click here. The ride takes 50 minutes and costs 3.50 TL.

The location of the Isparta Köy Garajı is shown below:

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It is easier to get to Ağlasun via Burdur, since you won’t have to change terminals. Mini-busses for Ağlasun depart from the Burdur Otogar (bus terminal) almost hourly between 7:30 and 18:30, with a late bus at 23:00. The Ağlasun buses stop on the left hand side of the building as you face the front of the otogar.

The ride to Ağlasun takes about 50 minutes and costs 3.50 TL. For the full schedule, click here. Stopping in Burdur also gives you a chance to visit the Burdur museum, where the major finds from Sagalassos are on display!

With your own transportation

Renting a car gives you a lot of freedom to visit out-of-the-way places like Sagalassos. It is easy to rent a car for a couple of days in Antalya or other major cities. Expect to pay higher prices than in Europe (€40-50/day for a car, €1.95/liter for petrol). If you’ve never driven in Turkey before, be aware that Turkish traffic may be a bit more chaotic than you are used to. Driving assertively is recommended. Be extra careful and avoid driving after sunset if possible.

From the Mediterranean coast there are two driving routes to reach Ağlasun. If you're coming from Antalya city center or the western Mediterranean, take Highway D650 towards Burdur, and then turn east on Highway 15-25 toward Ağlasun. The turnoff is clearly marked. If you're coming from Alanya or the eastern Mediterranean, take Highway D400 toward Antalya, then turn north onto Highway D685 towards Isparta. A clearly marked turnoff directs you to Ağlasun.

From Burdur take Highway D650 south towards Antalya until you see the left-hand turnoff for Ağlasun. From Egirdir, take Highway D330 west towards Isparta. From Isparta take Highway D685 south towards Antalya and take the right-hand turnoff for Ağlasun.

These Microsoft Bing Maps have more detail:

As the old saying goes, “Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Roman” (A thousand roads always lead people toward Rome). These days, however, all roads lead to Ağlasun!