Walk from Ağlasun to Tepe Düzen and Sagalassos

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The facts

Description The walk starts in Ağlasun and takes you to Tepe Düzen and Sagalassos. The larger part of the walk consists of easy roads but some other parts are on rocky tracks, sometimes rather steep. From Ağlasun to Tepe Düzen, the trip can be done by mountainbike (though, we have not done it).

The walk covers 5 rather distinct parts. The first part takes you from the centre of Ağlasun to Basköy. Leaving from the main square and walking towards the Sagalassos site, you turn left at the end of the village. The road will take you through fields and bushes, with fruit trees and springs, to Yeşilbaşköy (Başköy).

In Yeşilbaşköy turn right to start your climb to Tepe Düzen (second part). After a while (just behind the second of two houses), you turn left on a rocky goat track that will bring you to the sandy road to Tepe Düzen (click here for more on Tepe Düzen). From Tepe Düzen you have a nice view on Ağlasun.

For the third part of the walk, return to the fountain and turn right. Once you have arrived at the highest point you will not continue the road but start to descend on the slope following a sometimes unclear track marked with pebbles, until you finally arrive at a house. From here, you can take the path (full of weeds) to the dusty road that leads to the limestone factory. Descending towards the factory you will pass by a tube that spouts water originating from wells above Sagalassos.

Here the fourth part of the walk starts by climbing up the hill on the left. You will find yourself amidst sarcophagi of the inhabitants of Sagalassos. The track is unclear and sometimes steep but if you stay to the right and climb to the top, you will arrive close to the so called colonnaded street where you can enter and visit the city of Sagalassos.

After the visit to Sagalassos start descending towards Ağlasun (part 5) from the parking lot. Don't use the tarmac road but the sandy road in opposite of the house of the guards (close to the flag posts). This road ends after a short while. From there on you will have to descend from terrace to terrace but keep to your right (close to Alexander's Hill) so you will finally arrive again at the spout where we started the climb towards Sagalassos. This time we will take the dusty road further down towards Ağlasun. At some point you will see below, on the left, the tarmac road that leads towards Sagalassos. A bit further a short path allows you to descend to this road. Going to the right will take you back to Ağlasun were you started the walk.

Distance The walk is about 18 km / 5 to 6 hours (not visiting the sites).
Difference in height You'll find yourself climbing and descending a lot. Please refer to the description above for more details.
Rating (difficulty) (hard walk)
Date 2009-08-21
Authors Tom Verweijen and Joeri Theelen

The map

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Images taken walking from Ağlasun to Yesilbasköy (part 1)


Images taken climbing up from Yesilbasköy to Tepe Düzen (part 2)

Images taken at Tepe Düzen


Images taken climbing and descending from Tepe Düzen to Sagalassos (part 3)


Images taken climbing up to Sagalassos (part 4)


Images taken descending from Sagalassos to Ağlasun (part 5)


Panoramic images