Walk to the Ağlasun storage reservoir

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The facts

Description This is probably the easiest and shortest walk you can do in the immediate vicinity of Ağlasun, but it is definitely one you should have done when visiting the village or the excavation site. The road is very easy to walk on as people can drive there by car or motorcycle. The lake is in fact a storage reservoir containing the water supply for Ağlasun, thus it does look kind of artificial. But the spot is very nice and quiet, surrounded by pine trees where you can hide in the shadow. The water is so clean that drinking it is allowed, but it is absolutely forbidden to enter the water or to swim. People from Ağlasun and neighboring villages come here in the weekend to fish or just to have a lazy afternoon with their family. The lake and trail surrounding it are, however, vast enough so there is no need to be bothered by other visitors if you don't want to.
Distance From Ağlasun center to the lake: 3.2 km / 90 minutes (one way). Walk around the lake: 2.2 km / 1 hour.
Difference in height There is hardly any difference in height between start and finish. If you find yourself climbing, you're probably trying to catch some fruit from a tree on your way, or you're off the track.
Rating (difficulty) (easy walk)
Date 2009-08-08
Author Joeri Theelen

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