Become a Sponsor of the Sagalassos Project

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What are sponsors?

Sponsors are organizations or individuals that commit themselves to the Sagalassos project by funding (parts of) specific projects. These projects range from large-scale, long-term rebuilding of monuments (anastylosis), to small-scale visual enhancements or conservation projects, or to logistical support.

Anastylosis projects

Anastylosis projects are the most visible contribution to restoring Sagalassos in its original beauty. An example of an ongoing project is the rebuilding of the Antonine Nymphaeum which, upon completion, will be one of the main testimonies of the ancient splendour of Turkey.

The rebuilding of monuments depends on their scientific potential, their degree of preservation, their importance to the history of the town, their location, and the availability of original building materials. In general, anastylosis projects last several years.

Visual enhancement projects or conservation projects

Visual enhancement projects are combined archaeological and architectural interventions of a smaller scale. The main objective of these projects is to make specific parts of the city more intelligible for visitors, enhancing their appreciation of Sagalassos. They include, for instance, the reconstruction of a honorific column or the reorganization of steps leading to the agoras.

Conservation projects aim at preserving the finds and the exposed architectural remains after excavation.

Visual enhancement projects and conservation projects can usually be finalized within a couple of excavation campaigns.

Logistical support

The Sagalassos project can also be sustained by providing logistical support. This might, for instance, include providing materials, analytical equipment or transportation of equipment or staff.

Why sponsoring the Sagalassos project?

Sponsoring the Sagalassos project can contribute to your organizations care for sustainable development and cultural world heritage. This can be an asset for foreign or local organizations that operate in Turkey or Belgium (banking, tourism, public sector, heritage sector, service clubs, ...). Sponsors receive increased and permanent visibility through the excavation activities onsite which have drawn a lot of attention from the international press during the last years.

The excavations at Sagalassos are being followed by a growing number of people worldwide and particularly in Belgium, who share an interest in archaeology and history in general.

What do we offer?

The archaeological site in Turkey attracts more than ten thousand visitors each year where the main sponsors are visibly present and actively promoted by the guides on the site.

This website dedicated to the project had nearly 1,5 million hits since 2003. In the current version of the website the main sponsors are on the home page. All sponsors are listed in the sponsor pages.

Sponsors are explicitly named during the yearly Sagalassos lectures in Belgium and any other public presentation worldwide.

Specific lectures on Sagalassos can be provided to members of sponsoring organizations.

More information?

To receive further information about sponsoring the Sagalassos Project, contact Isabelle Aerts.