The Burdur Archaeology Museum

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To get the full story of Sagalassos, the research team encourages you to also visit the Burdur Archaeology Museum. Major finds from Sagalassos are housed in the museum, located a short drive from the site in Burdur, the provincial capital. The museum is constructed around the Ottoman-era Pirkulzade Library (built in 1823) and features a sculpture garden, spacious new exhibit halls, and a small gift shop.

In 2006, the museum was renovated and enlarged to house the numerous large sculptural pieces found at Sagalassos. In 2008, the Burdur Museum was nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award. In summer 2009, the monumental portrait heads of Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius found in 2008 the site will be installed in the museum.

The Burdur Museum Website (English)