Em. Prof. Dr. Marc Waelkens

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Marc Waelkens has been involved in surveys and excavations in Greece, Syria, and Turkey since 1969. He specializes in Anatolian archaeology of the Graeco-Roman period and in ancient quarrying and stone technology. Waelkens was L. Baert-Hofman Professor of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and pioneering director of Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project, until his academic retirement in 2013. He is a member of various academies (Belgium, Austria), and foreign schools (British School at Athens, German Archaeological Institute). In 1986 he was awarded the Samuel H. Kress lectureship of the Archaeological Institute of America, and the next year he was invited by the Australian Institute of Archaeology for two months of lecturing. In 2001 he received the prestiguous John E. Solvay Prize for the Humanities in Belgium, and in 2002 was granted the Medaillon for Outstanding Service, the most prestiguous Turkish award to foreigners. In 2009, he was knighted by His Majesty, King Albert of Belgium.

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